Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply & live at the Landings at Notre Dame?

The Landings at Notre Dame is a newly constructed apartment complex designed for enrolled students of Notre Dame that are married or parenting while allowing opportunities for apartment leases to newly accepted and enrolled post-baccalaureate, graduate students, and more.

Do married & parenting University of Notre Dame students receive priority housing at The Landings?

The University of Notre Dame designates January – April of each year as priority housing for enrolled married & parenting to submit their application & fees for available apartments.  This means that approved applicants are processed and assigned an available apartment based on date of their application and unit availability.

When will applications open for Spring/Fall semester?

Married and parenting University of Notre Dame students can begin the application process on our website beginning January 1st of each year for the Fall move-in.  Opportunities for apartment leases to newly accepted post-baccalaureate and graduate students starts on May 1st of each year.

When can graduate students apply and secure an apartment for fall?

In May of each year, all graduate student applicants are processed based on application submission, approval and apartment availability. 

Do you do roommate matching?

The Landings at Notre Dame does not do roommate matching.  Additional occupants and roommates must be immediate family members or enrolled post-baccalaureate or graduate students.

I’m a Notre Dame Graduate student, how can I apply with a roommate?

Only one of you should start an application on our website so that your applications are connected.  Once you create an account and complete all of the steps, under PEOPLE Living with you within the application process is where you will add your roommate details.  You will need your roommates legal name, phone, date of birth and email address.  Once all information is entered, you will send an invitation to your roommate to complete the application process to include the background check, etc.  Please understand that permitted tenants are newly accepted and enrolled post-baccalaureate or graduate students or immediate family members.

I am a graduate student and apply with a roommate, will we both have to pay the application and reservation fee?

No, only one application and reservation fee is required to complete the application.

What do I need to complete the application process?

Applying is easy and only takes 5-10 minutes!  Start the application now by visiting then then APPLY.  Create an account with a user name and password. 
Next, select your apartment and follow all prompts. 

  • $200 Admin Fee for processing all paperwork.
  • University of Notre Dame Student Identification Number or;
  • Acceptance letter from the University of Notre Dame, if no student identification number;
  • Financial Aid/Stipend Details, if applicable.
  • Copy of marriage license, if applicable.
  • Copy of Birth Certificates/Adoption/guardianship documentation, if applicable. 

I’ve already filled out an application, how do I know if I am approved?

Each applicant will receive constant communication via email.  Approved applications will then receive a licensing agreement & addendums to review and sign.  Once the resident has executed the agreement, The Landings at Notre Dame will countersign the licensing agreement and a final licensing agreement will be sent and available under the applicants account created on The Landings website.

How do rent payments work? What if I am on scholarship or awaiting funding?

Rent & utilities are due on the first day of each month.  All rents are based off the type of apartment selected from a one, two or three-bedroom apartment home.  All apartment homes are rented by the whole apartment and not by the bedroom.  

Are utilities included in my rent?

Utilities are not included in your rent.  Residents are responsible for electrical, water & sewer, gas, trash & pest control. (Details available in the licensing agreement). Each month, a third-party company provides a utilities statement to each resident with directions for payment.  Rent and utilities can be paid online in the resident portal provided at move-in.

Do I have to pay a deposit or hook-up fee for utilities?

Residents do not pay a deposit, hook-up fees or complete a credit check for utilities as that is part of The Landings at Notre Dame’s application process.

Will I have to contact electric, water or Internet Services to ensure my utilities are on when I move-in?

Upon resident’s arrival and move-in, all utilities are on and provided to each apartment. 

What do I have to pay prior to moving in at The Landings?

Prior to move-in, residents must pay a security deposit that is equal to one month’s rent based on apartment selection and a $200 parking fee for any resident with a motor vehicle that will be parked on-site. 

Can I select which furniture I receive to include the colors or specific table and chairs?

Specific furniture can not be selected as it is based on what is in inventory at the time prior to delivery.   The furniture will be matching (same style) sets for the living, dining and bedroom. 

I am in a two-bedroom and only want furniture for one of the bedrooms – can I only rent the one bedroom furniture?

Yes!  There is a set cost for a furniture package that includes a two bedroom and only one bedroom or a three bedroom with furniture in one or two of the bedrooms.  Each additional bedroom is an additional cost as show above.

What is included in a furniture package?

Each furniture package includes the following:

Living Room Package
Includes (Sofa, 1 Chair, 1 Cocktail Table, 1 End Table, 1 Table Lamp, 1 TV Stand)

Dining Room Package
Includes (Dining Table w/4 chairs or Pub Table w/2 Bar Stools)

One Bedroom Package 
Includes (Complete Full Bedroom Set, 1 Headboard, 1 Chest, 1 Table Lamp)

Can I select what furniture I’d like to receive in my second or third bedrooms?

YES!  For each additional bedroom in a two or three bedroom apartment that you choose to rent- you can simply decide the set-up of the additional bedrooms based on the below option. Substitutions or changes are not allowed from below options.

Option 1
Complete Full Bed Set includes (1 headboard, 1 Chest, 1 Table Lamp)

Option 2
1 Twin Bed Set includes (1 Headboard, 1 Nightstand, 1 Lamp)

Option 3
2 Twin Bed Sets includes (2 Headboards, 1 Chest)

Option 4
Twin Bed / Office Set includes (1 Twin Bed, 1 Headboard, 1 Lamp, 1 Desk, 1 Desk Chair)

Can I substitute or change out the furniture for other furnishings in the package?

Unfortunately, that is not an option. 

What if the furniture is damaged while I am renting it with accidental paint or scratches, etc. Will I be charged?

Normal wear and tear is not charged.  Yes, you would be responsible for the furniture that is broken or damaged beyond repair.   A cost sheet is available on damage costs.  

How and when will the furniture be delivered?

The Landings at Notre Dame will arrange for furniture delivery to your apartment 2-3 days prior to your move-in date.

What if the furniture is damaged at delivery?

Once you move-in and you notice the furniture provided is damaged, you have five days to report the damage to The Landings.   If the furniture is broken and can’t be utilized – a replacement will be provided.

Will I need to sign a Furniture Lease document?

Yes, you will sign a Furniture Lease Addendum with The Landings and this document will be placed in your online resident ledger.  

What amenities come with each apartment rental?

Each apartment features in-unit washer and dryer, open lay-out floor plans, 4’ x 4’ storage area with each apartment, tons of closet space, University of Notre Dame provided Wi-Fi, and a fully equipped kitchen with energy rated appliances to include a dishwasher, full size fridge, garbage disposal, microwave and a four burner stove & oven!  

The Community amenities include optional Transportation service to campus, community landscaping & snow removal, community mailbox kiosk for each apartment, apartment maintenance with 24/7 Emergency Maintenance available, common area courtyard, playground, parking lot security provided during home football games, Notre Dame police and fire service.

What internet speeds are offered and is their Wi-Fi hard wire connections?

The Landings utilizes the University of Notre Dame internet services at no additional charge to the resident up to 200 megs.   Hard wiring is available for each apartment by contacting the Notre Dame IT department.

Can I reserve a specific apartment building and location?

The Landings at Notre Dame is unable to guarantee a specific floor or location preference for any apartment but we will do our best to meet your preferences based on availability.